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Hi Support

I'm testing a free account which may be purchased at a later date, dependent upon satisfactory completion of some tests.

How to prevent overwriting a file when we FTP upload another file with the same filename?

As you see, I would have several files in my folder,  one of them is a special file which cannot be overwritten by sub users.

I have LOCKED this file (lets' called it  Test.txt)   and when I ftp upload another file with same filename Test.txt  , to my dismay

it gets overwritten by the new file !       What setting can I used to STOP it  from being overwritten ?   I have tried LOCK but to NO avail ?

Please advise.  Thanks


8/19/2015 7:25:01 PM

When you are editing a file, you can lock the file so that other users cannot overwrite it. If you use WebDAV Drive Mapping or DriveHQ FileManager, file locking usually happens automatically. If you want to manually lock / unlock a file, you can use DriveHQ FileManager or any web browser.

In your case, it seems you need to share the file with read-only permission. This way, your sub-users cannot overwrite the file. However, you cannot really share a single file; otherwise, if the file is overwritten, moved or renamed, the share will become invalid. The share permission can only be applied to a folder.

You can create two folders, then right click on one folder and share it with read-only permission and share the other one with full access permission. If you don't want your sub-users to overwrite a file, just put the file in the read-only folder. If you use our Group Account service, by default, the system creates two folders: GroupRead and GroupWrite. The GroupRead folder is shared with read-only permission and GroupWrite shared with full access permission.

You can share the same folder to multiple users with different permissions. You just need to share the folder multiple times using different share names.


Lastly, if a file is locked, then it cannot be deleted or overwritten. I just tested and it works fine now. (The implementation may not be consistent if you rename a file or move the file to another folder). However, in your case, it may not be a good solution as a file lock will expire after certain amount of time.

8/20/2015 2:31:54 AM

Thank you

I would like to know where I can access to the DriveHQ FileManager?    Is it at  theStorage area where we apply file lock to a particular file?

Then   in your reply ,  you mention that  " If you use our Group Account service"   where can I access to this Group Account service ?

Is this Group Account a paid subscription account?  as currently I 'm using a free account. 

Thank you and appreciate your reply.



8/22/2015 7:37:25 PM

Hi  Drive HQ support


Looks like the Drive HQ FileManager can only be accessed  by  paid subscription account,  is this correct ?

As I'm on a free account, I can't find any toolbar stating the Drive HQ FileManager  that you mentioned.

Also Group Account service is NOT available.  This probably a feature available for Paid accounts ?

Thank you and I await your reply.




8/23/2015 7:38:52 AM

DriveHQ FileManager is free. In fact, all our client software is free. (incl. DriveHQ FileManager, Online Backup, Email Manager, WebDAV Drive Mapping and mobile apps) You can download our software from:


The Group Account feature is also free and it includes one free sub-user license. If you have a regular standalone account, you can log on to your account, then go to My Account page, click on Group Account to upgrade for free. If you need more user licenses, it is only $30/year for 5 user licenses. ($6/user/year)




8/27/2015 9:23:38 AM

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