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Is it possible to send/receive files to/from my FTP account sending commands via e-mail? I know there's a command like the one below. If it's possible, what is the e-mail address I'd have to send the command to? Also, would I have to type in ftp:/username:password@ftp.drivehq.com/ for the command instead of the general ftp server? Thank you for your help

open ftp.drivehq.com
cd My Documents/School/
get schedule.xls

10/26/2008 11:03:43 AM

Sorry we don't support it.

10/28/2008 12:35:26 AM

User: DriveHQ Webmaster  -  10/28/2008 12:35:26 AM

Sorry we don't support it.


        kindly send instruction to upload video to my client

10/1/2010 6:49:46 PM

The easiest way is to share your username / password with your client. Upload the files to your account; then your clients can logon as the same account to download files.


For better security, you can upload your files to a folder and then click on the Share button to share the folder to your client. You can share a folder to a DriveHQ member(s) or to a non-member(s).


If you share a folder to a non-member, you can enter the other persons' email addresses in the share-to field. After you click on share, it will ask you to send a share notification email, which contains detailed info about how to access the shared folder.


If you share a folder to a DriveHQ member(s), you can enter the user's DriveHQ username or registered email address in the share-to list. The other user can logon his / her own account and access the shared folders in the special virtual folder:



If you want to modify an existing share (e.g. add / remove a person in the share-to list, you can go to the Manage My Share page.



10/4/2010 9:10:49 PM

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