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 As instructed this is what I did

1.) Recipient: rnnecar@me.com. This apparently is not an important issue

2.) Sender: cftp_RNN_3521795@a.com . My CameraFTP User Name is actually RNN_CKN_R2D2. As instructed I used only the first 3 letters. Also for the Camera Folder ID I used 3521795 as it was listed under the FTP Folder.

3.) Smtp Address: m.cameraftp.com

4.) Port: 465

5.) I used the Camera FTP Account PW

When I save it I receive the following message "The smtp or the password is incorrect.

How do I get this thing working so I can have access through my iPad or my iPhone to the camera when I am traveling.

Thx in advance


11/2/2016 10:55:28 AM

It seems you are referring to this support page about uploading footage using SMTP:


If your camera supports FTP (FTPS/SFTP), it is recommended using FTP. Otherwise, you can try SMTP. 


Your SMTP configuration is mostly right. There are two issues:

(1) Please use cftpMailUploader.drivehq.com as the email server instead of  m.cameraftp.com. 

(2) The sender email address should be in this format: cftp_USERNAME_CameraFolderID@ANY_DOMAIN.com. In your case, you used  cftp_RNN_3521795@a.com, which is almost correct.  However, I noticed that 3521795 is actually your camera name, not your camera folder ID.

To find a camera's folder ID, please go to My Cameras page, click the gear icon below your camera thumbnail. It will go to a page with the following URL:


here ########## is your camera folder ID. 




3/2/2018 12:43:05 AM

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