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  • michaelakrugman
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 Hello:  I've found several times the event message "Motion detected on camera <Undefined>.  Most of the time if there is a event message it does give the correct camera but I'm getting more and more of these along with the other two issues I've sent in.  Help is appreciated.

4/12/2017 2:40:09 PM

  • michaelakrugman
  • (2 posts)
Subject: Re:Motion detected on camera

 OK..I think I have the recording issue solved.  There isn't hardly any activity here as I live alone.  I had to set the sensitivity to 6 and that part seems OK now...there are events in the log with <undefined> in them.  I still have the issue not receiving push notifications.  It is enabled in my account and my phone does give correct permissions.  This was working yesterday but not at all today.  Thank you for your help.

4/12/2017 3:53:26 PM

  • aparate
  • (1 posts)
Subject: Re:Motion detected on camera

 Hi Michael, 

Apologies for the delayed response. In the future, please just email us at support@cameraftp.com if you are looking for more immediate support. This is our primary support channel. 

Regarding your push notification issue - this has been tested on our end and we can confirm it to be working with all tested account. This would lead us to believe that there was either a change with the application settings within the phone's settings app, or a compatibility issue occurred when the system detected your account overusage. Please first make sure that you have corrected your parameter overusage for your camera, and then go to uninstall/re-install the viewer application. You'll also want to double-check that push notifications are enabled on your device for this application. 

Note - at this point your camera still seems to be set to upload footage continuously even though your subscription was ordered to upload footage only when motion is detected. This will cause issue with your continued usage and any push notifications you expect to get. 

Please email us at support@cameraftp.com if you would like to troubleshoot more closely. 


CameraFTP Support


4/14/2017 2:38:49 PM

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