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CameraFTP has never answered an e-mail note from me.  I have tried many times but no response.  I am being over charged and they will not answer.  I want to cancel my service but no way to communicate with them.  Their service is very poor.

7/28/2017 9:43:00 PM

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Subject: Re:CameraFTP Service


I searched in our support email account and found an email that you sent at around 10:10pm yesterday (about 2.5 hours ago.)  Your email was replied in full detail. We have explained that the system did not over charge you. Basically, when you made your last deposit (payment), your account was already past due; and you have not made any payments in the last 3 months.

Please note CameraFTP is a cloud based service. You can manage your subscriptions online easily. You don't need to contact us to cancel a subscription. If you want to cancel a subscription, just log on to www.cameraftp.com website, go to the Subscribe page, click Manage Subscriptions. You can then click on an order item ID to cancel it.

Note before you cancel your subscription, you must:

(1) Stop your camera(s) from connecting to our FTP server (must be done from your camera's management page, not on CameraFTP.com);

(2) Delete the camera(s) from your CameraFTP account.

Please feel free to call / email us if you have any more questions.

7/29/2017 1:02:36 AM

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