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 I seem to have tried every to set up emailbut to no avail please help. These are the values I have:-

hopefully you can see the screenshot if not:-

smtp server name  "smtp.qq.com"

server port              "465"

safe link                  "SSL" Tick in authentication box

user name              "admin"

Password               "****"

Send to                   "trevor.hughes@virgin .net"

Sender                    "trevor.hughes@virgin.net"

Subject                   "home alarm"

Information             "alarm"

Please can you tell me what should be in the various boxes.

Exactly as it should be written as the instruction manual is a bit vague.

10/20/2017 9:03:34 AM

This does not look like a CameraFTP setting. CameraFTP uses push notification messages instead of emails. You just need to install CameraFTP Viewer app for iOS / Android. When it detects a motion, it will send a notification message to your phone. You can then click the link to play the recorded footage.

2/28/2018 6:08:04 PM

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