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 Vss Software not showing camera footage and no relible showing footage.

4/16/2020 4:39:20 PM

CameraFTP VSS is very reliable and very easy to use. It can use your PC as a CCTV DVR system. CameraFTP VSS displays your camera live views on your PC screen, and uploads footage to the cloud.

If VSS stopped displaying your camera live views, usually it is due to your camera or network connection problem. Please make sure your cameras are powered on, connected to the network, and you can directly access your cameras with a web browser. If you have multiple cameras, and only one camera is having this problem, then you just need to check if that camera is accessible via a web browser. If all cameras are having this problem, then it is likely to be a network connection problem. Again, check if you can access those cameras via a web browser.

You might need to reboot your router, cameras and/or your PC. CameraFTP VSS also has a built-in feature for you to report the problem to our tech support. Click Settings -> Event Logs -> Send event logs to support.

5/16/2020 6:32:59 PM

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