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Is it image resolution or video resolution that is restricted to 640x480 on the entry level plan?  If so, I don't want that plan.  Also, there is no option to change the image resolution on my Reolink 520 cam. It also says there hasn't been any activity on the cam since early this morning.  The cam is working fine as the android app pulls up a current view.  Perhaps it means there haven't been any alerts since then.  Thanks.

4/22/2020 1:28:22 PM

Please read this support message, or visit our setup guide page for Reolink IP cameras. With Reolink IP cameras, we recommend video recording. The camera is optimized for video recording. You cannot change recording parameters with image recording. The image resolution is fixed at 4MP or 5MP, which is far higher than 640x480. 

For regular home/business monitoring, video recording is better, esp. if the camera supports video recording. The video is more continuous and the cost is usually lower. 

CameraFTP is a pure cloud service provider. We cannot control how your camera uploads. Your camera's recording parameters must be configured on your camera. If the recording parameters are significantly higher than your subscribed parameters, our server could block your camera in the future.

5/16/2020 6:22:41 PM

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