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I have setup my camera and it appears inm y camera list, However I am getting "Camera is empty, waiting for new data" error mesage.

5/20/2020 12:41:24 AM

If "Camera is empty", it means your camera has not uploaded any data to CameraFTP cloud. Please make sure your camera has been configured correctly and that your camera is uploading.

CameraFTP is a cloud service provider. We don't make, install or manage IP cameras. Our server cannot control your IP camera or DVR. You need to configure your camera to upload footage to CameraFTP via the FTP or SMTP protocol. Our server does not and cannot connect to your camera. (It will be blocked by your router anyway).

If you have a (spare) PC, you can use it as a CCTV DVR system with CameraFTP VSS software. It supports all webcams and most ONVIF-enabled IP cameras.

There are a few advantages with our solution:

(1) You are not locked in with any one hardware or service provider. Our service is compatible with most IP cameras, and we use open standard protocols.

(2) It is more secure as your cameras (DVRs) don't need to be accessible from the Internet. Thus it is much harder for them to be hacked remotely.

(3) You don't need to configure your router (for opening ports and port mapping), static IP address or DDNS, or find your camera's video stream URL, etc. 

5/20/2020 9:28:05 AM

 Hi, I have configured it, did the test and it succeded. The camera also came up on my Camera List on your site after the config.

5/21/2020 2:00:40 AM

Please read our previous reply carefully. CameraFTP offers cloud storage (that supports FTP/SMTP) for IP cameras, but we don't make/sell/manage IP cameras.

If your camera uploaded a file, it will show up in the camera folder. You can test it manually with FileZilla or any other FTP client software. Our server cannot force your camera to upload. 

I guess you only tested the FTP account to be working in your camera. However, configuring FTP info is only one of the steps. Please also configure what to upload and when to upload. (incl. whether to upload images/video clips, video profile, size and format; continuous uploading or motion recording. If motion recording, you also need to configure motion detection areas and sensitivity)

Different cameras have different configuration interface. But the steps are usually similar. Please visit our Supported Cameras page to see a list of camera brands and models. You can see a list of Camera Setup Guide documents. Please read one or two of them. 

If you still have problems, please email us the screenshots of your camera's configuration pages. We might be able to offer more help. Contacting the camera manufacturer/vendor will be another option as they know their cameras better than us. If you have a lot of cameras, or if you are a reseller, please contact us via email or phone.

5/21/2020 10:32:43 AM

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