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Ive just opened a new account to test - and am on a timelapse plan - uploading every 30 mins a high quality image - Im finding some of my images are only partially uploaded - its not clear if this problem is being caused by Camera FTP or my camera? Please can assist. many thaks :) 

8/7/2021 5:39:57 PM

I quickly checked it and noticed that most images are fine. The problem is likely caused by your network connection or camera firmware issue. CameraFTP's FTP server is extremely reliable. It can support 100,000s of IP cameras.

If your IP camera uploaded the full image, the server will certainly save the full image. Either the camera did not upload the full image, or there was a network problem while it was uploading. Many IP cameras don't support resume/retry, thus it left a partial image.


Please log in to your CameraFTP account and check the events. You can also install CameraFTP Viewer app for Android and iOS. The viewer app can send notification messages. Your camera is incorrectly configured now. Your camera will be blocked if the problem is not fixed promptly. (The camera configuration issue has nothing to do with the partial image)



8/9/2021 9:59:34 AM

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Please logon and reply, Not CameraFTP Member?

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