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 Hello, i paid for 1photo / hour for a timelapse but once i use your app on : www.cameraftp.com/Camera/GenerateCameraTimelapse.aspx the video that shows me once i generated is all blue, all real color lose and only get blue pattern.

how can i fix it?

8/25/2021 2:56:14 AM

I just tested it and it seems to be fine. Could you please email us screenshots showing your problem? We need to know how you generated the timelapse video (which parameters you entered), and the generated video.

Time-lapse video creation is very resource intensive. CameraFTP only offers a very basic and limited online tool. We recommend downloading your files and generate timelapse video using a profesional time-lapse creation or video editing application. Please read this support message:




8/25/2021 10:34:30 AM

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