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I have noticed that my Hikvision camera is uploading files in jpg and zip.

I don't know if the FTP compresses the files or if there is something in the camera configuration.

Could you help me upload the pictures in jpg only?




6/17/2022 5:32:19 AM

If an IP camera uploads video files, the video files will never be zipped.

If a camera uploads more than 1 images per minute, CameraFTP server will cache these images and save them in one zip file. CameraFTP Viewer apps (mobile viewer apps, web browser-based viewer app and CameraFTP Viewer app for Windows (in Microsoft App Store) can play recorded images/zips like video. There is no need to unzip. 

If a camera uploads no more than 1 image per minute, then they will be saved in the original image format. 

Your upload frequency is less than 1 image/minute. Most of your files are indeed saved in .jpg format. However, please check in your camera folder (log in to CameraFTP.com, go to My Cameras page, click the folder icon below your camera thumbnail), you can see that sometimes your camera uploaded at much higher frequency (Look at the file create and modify times). It could be a camera configuration problem, please check it; it could also be caused by network issues, e.g. if the camera lost Internet connection for a few hours, and if the camera has internal memory or SD card that can cache images during the time; when the camera reconnects to the Internet, it will quickly upload the cached images. 

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact CameraFTP support directly. Note this forum is public. Anybody can read messages here.



6/17/2022 11:10:18 AM

More update: We downloaded a large zip file and unzipped it. There are a total of 6 files in it. Based on the file names (which contain the file time info), these images were captured in one minute. The image capture time matches the upload time. So it does not seem to be caused by network issues. Please check your camera upload settings more carefully. 

We have also set a special option so that your images will no longer be zipped.

6/17/2022 11:24:30 AM


Please, could tou check my camera's configurations?

It looks like it is still sending more pictures than we have set.


6/21/2022 12:01:36 PM

I just checked your camera folder, and noticed that your camera is uploading based on your configuration of 1 image per 15 minutes. It has been uploading correctly for about 3 days. So your configuration is correct and everything is fine now. 

6/21/2022 9:15:03 PM

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