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My camera stopped recording a week ago. I checked and it looks like I paid the monthly subcription for this month. How do I check if its been paid? If my balance is $0 does that mean its been paid.  It was in the middle of the shift that it stopped recording.Ive been using it for years and I have never had a problem. Ive restarted my camera but still does not work. Are there any suggestions to get the camera reconnected again? Thanks

9/3/2022 8:53:05 AM

I checked your account. It is not caused by our server.  I guess your camera lost Internet connection, or it has a problem. Please try to connect to the camera directly with a web browser. If the camera manufacturer supplied an app, please use that app to connect to the camera. If you can connect to the camera with a browser or an app, then please check if the camera is working normally. You can check the camera's FTP settings and test if the FTP connection works fine. 

If you cannot connect to the camera with a browser or app, then your camera probably has a problem or could have lost Wi-Fi/network connection. You can reboot the camera and Wi-Fi router first, and if it does not work, you can factory reset it. After factory reset, you will have to reconfigure the camera based on your subscription plan (which you did previously). 

9/3/2022 5:34:38 PM

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