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Why am I getting an event stating I have reached "maximum camera license".  Its showing 295/1 so I'm not sure how to fix this? 

11/10/2022 7:05:54 AM

When you configure your IP camera, you need to specify an FTP folder path (or FTP directory). The FTP folder path should be just like: /CAMERA_NAME

Here CAMERA_NAME is the camera name you created on www.cameraftp.com website (in the My Cameras page). Most IP cameras let you enter the FTP path. If your IP camera's FTP settings page does not include a field to enter the FTP path, then you must use the FTP password instead of your account password.

It is recommended using the FTP password instead of your account password when configuring your IP camera. You can find your FTP password by logging in to www.cameraftp.com, go to My Cameras page, then click Configure IP Camera. If you have multiple camera licenses, you will have multiple FTP passwords.

The problem is caused by: (1) You used your account password instead of the FTP password when you configured your IP camera; (2) You did not enter an FTP path (or your camera does not support FTP path). (3) Your camera explicitly created folders in the root directory. Note a folder in the root directory is treated as a camera folder, which requires one camera license.

To resolve the problem, you need to fix your camera configuration error, then delete the other folders online. We can help you delete them if needed.


11/10/2022 9:00:15 AM

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