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 Hi forums

I have a 30 frames per second and 640x480 video recording plan and ive downloaded the vss application

on my laptop. I've setup the webcam parameters so it doesn't exceed the plan but it doesnt upload footage

on the cloud. For exampleIt is stuck at 0 files uploaded out of 14. I've tried modfying motion detection sensitivity

and the motion detection box capture to no avail. I've also tried switching from laptop to my iphone (deleting the laptop camera first) with the cameraftp software but it also

doesn't record any events. Could this be an issue on your servers? Cheers.

1/26/2023 1:33:28 PM

It is not a server issue. CameraFTP servers are monitored in real-time (24x7x365). You can look at our Public Cameras page to verify.

I just checked your account, it is totally fine. You have not uploaded any files yet. The system usually will not block your camera even if you configured incorrect uploading parameters. Users always have enough time to fix the uploading parameters.

Your problem seems to be caused by something blocked FTP, which is rare. Since you use CameraFTP VSS software, it could be your security software, anti-virus software, your router or your ISP.  To narrow down the problem, could you please install FileZilla and try to connect to the FTP server: ftp.cameraftp.com with FileZilla:


You can log in with your CameraFTP username and password. Please let me know if you can log in. If not, please tell us more detailed information and include a screenshot showing the problem. We need to see FileZilla's FTP log and error message.

If you still cannot pintpoint the problem, please contact CameraFTP support via email. We can help check the problem on your computer remotely..

1/26/2023 2:07:40 PM

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