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 Hi Good Morning 

May i know if i can use my own company logo for my custumers can you please sned me a price guide and a link to subrcribe that.

Kind Regards 

Qasim Hayyat 

4/7/2023 3:40:36 AM

The Custom Logo and Login Page service is designed for large enterprise customers with a lot of cameras and resellers with certain number of customers. If you can meet the criteria, then we can offer it for free. It is not available to personal users.

For other business users, we can offer it for $90/year or $9/month. To take the offer, please contact CameraFTP sales via email. If you have enabled automatic debiting, then we can directly process it for you. Otherwise, please log in to CameraFTP.com website and make a payment/deposit online first, then we can process the order for you.

Please note we will create a linked DriveHQ.com account. It will be ordered on DriveHQ.com as this feature is powered by DriveHQ.com. Your custom login page will be:


After login, the CameraFTP.com website will display your logo



4/7/2023 12:01:21 PM

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