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 I use reolink.  I can't set the frame rate lower than 2/sec.  CameraFTP only allows 1 frame per 15 seconds.  Does anyone know of an IP camera that can set the frame rate that low???   iflylowguzz@gmail   

4/13/2023 2:54:32 PM

For time-lapse recording, you need to order a time-lapse recording plan. Your camera needs to be configured to upload image snapshots at a low frequency (matching with your service plan's upload frequency).

Dependent on your camera model, Reolink IP cameras usually support uploading image snapshots at a low frequency. If you have a new Reolink IP camera or have upgraded to the latest version firmware, please configure it to upload image snapshots as shown below:

You can customize an upload interval or select from the list:


For more general information about configuring Reolink IP cameras, please visit the Setup Guide page, or watch the tutorial video:




4/13/2023 3:23:40 PM

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