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I have Security Camera installed on my android phone and I have a problem with the auto-focus. I can't get a clear picture. When I switch to the default Android camera app I can get a clear picture by manally fucusing.

There is no way of manually focusing the image using the Security Camera app. The only feature available is zoom.

Does anyone know of some kind of work around?

1/28/2024 7:06:01 AM

The Mobile Security Camera app uses automatic focusing. Normally, you want to use automatic focusing, and the recorded footage quality should be good. It seems you have objects very close to the camera. In this case, the camera may automatically focus to a wrong object. Please avoid having any objects very close to the camera.

We will add a manual-focus feature in the near future. Please check back later.

1/29/2024 4:17:08 PM

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