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You care about security, you care about your kids, pets and other loved ones. Why not order a security service? Well, traditional security services like ADT often charges over $500/year. Most security services require special cameras and equipments, and they require professional installation and maintenance. To most consumers, it is just too expensive and too complicated.

CameraFTP is very different. With revolutionary cloud technologies and more than 10 years of cloud service experience, our cloud-based security service is better and easier than most traditional security services, and for only a small fraction of their prices.

CameraFTP supports almost all IP cameras. We don't require any expensive cameras. You can buy a good quality IP camera (that supports wireless, night vision and motion detection) for only $50 - $150.

If you want to save more cost, CameraFTP can turn a webcam or smartphone into a security camera. Just download our free software from:


While the camera quality may not be as good as a real security camera, it is free, and the setup is a no-brainer! Just sign up an account and try our service free for 2 days.


5/2/2013 5:42:46 PM

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