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Camera FTP supports Panasonic network cameras. We have a detailed setup guide document at:


Some customers are still confused about a few things:

(1) Where to enter the FTP folder name (or the camera name)?

Well, the Panasonic camera's setup page does not have a place to enter a folder name. In fact, the folder name is entered as part of the file name. So if you have created a camera name "LivingRoom" on www.cameraftp.com, you can enter:


as the Upload File Name. It will upload files into the folder: LivingRoom.

(2) What to select for "Login Timing", one time or everytime?

It should be Every Time.

(3) What to enter for "Overwrite Setting":

If you choose "Overwrite File", then the camera will only keep one file on the server. That defeats the purpose of cloud recording. So please select "Save as New File with Time Stamp".

(4) Data Tranfer Method:

Use Passive Mode in most cases. If it does not work, you can try Active Mode, most likely it also does not work. If so, please change it back to Passive Mode, and then look for other solutions.


Everything else are quite standard. You will enter ftp.cameraftp.com as the FTP server host name; the port number is 21, and the username and password are your CameraFTP account username and password.

5/7/2013 4:14:03 PM

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