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I did the set up and the image upload test and that worked.

The d-link camera is uploading something but i cannot watch it. 

12/30/2013 5:30:41 AM

If you believe that the Camera was uploading images and you cannot see them from the website, it is likely because you have not entered a camera folder.

When configuring your camera, you need to enter the FTP server name, username, password, and an FTP folder (or directory or path). The camera will upload images to the specified folder.

Most cameras support it. There are a few cameras that don't support uploading images to a folder. We have recently supported this kind of cameras. The system will automatically create a DefaultCamera folder and store uploaded images in this folder.

Please note: each account can have only one such camera. If you have more than one such cameras, then the recorded images will be mixed and it will be very hard to view the recordings.

You can have other cameras that upload images to other camera folders in the same account.

If you have multiple cameras that cannot upload images to a camera folder, then you can sign up multiple accounts on CameraFTP.com.

1/17/2014 5:50:09 PM

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