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 Keep getting "no more images to play" never see any images! Viewer on iPad works fine

7/4/2014 8:25:38 AM

Currently we have two different types of services:

(1) Standard Cloud Surveillance Service. 

It supports almost all regular IP cameras. The cameras will upload images to our FTP server, which are then packed into zip files. CameraFTP has browser-based viewer and viewer apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Our Viewer Apps can play the recorded footage like video.

(2) Cloud Service for Virtual Security System

Virtual Security System (VSS) is a software-based CCTV DVR system using a PC and one or more webcams / IP cameras. VSS is a CameraFTP unique service, it has many advantages over traditional CCTV/DVRs and can be setup within a few minutes. Using VSS, your IP cameras will connect to a PC running our VSS software first. The footage can be recorded locally on the PC and also on the cloud. 

VSS Viewer apps are currently available for iOS, Android and most web browsers. We are still working on a Windows Phone version viewer now.

7/16/2014 5:24:47 PM

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