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 I paid 2.99 to be able to record audio and video but it still takes pictures only. i cant inclease the frames per second nor screen resolution. 

I'm not able to record video and my account shows as paid account.


is there a way to fix that?

12/21/2015 10:28:25 AM


Are you using the Ipad as your actual security camera, or only for viewing? If your camera supports audio, then it will work on CameraFTP. However, image files do not support audio, so you need to make sure that your camera is set to upload video. If video upload is not supported, then audio will likewise not be included. You can setup your camera with our VSS software which will convert the file types to video upload, though this will require that a computer be running in order for your Cameras to upload.

Feel free to email support@cameraftp.com with any other questions.

CameraFTP Support


3/1/2018 5:31:53 PM

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