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  • Casacamera2015
  • (2 posts)

 I paid 2.99 to be able to record audio and video but it still takes pictures only. i cant inclease the frames per second nor screen resolution. 

I'm not able to record video and my account shows as paid account.


is there a way to fix that?

12/21/2015 10:28:25 AM

  • CameraFTPSupport
  • (159 posts)
Subject: Re:Ipad mini Issue


Please email screenshot(s) of your camera's configuration settings to support@cameraftp.com.

Can you clarify one thing--are you using your iPad to view the footage, or are you using your iPad as the security camera?

-CameraFTP Support

12/21/2015 11:06:14 AM

  • Casacamera2015
  • (2 posts)
Subject: Re:Ipad mini Issue

 I'm using ipad as a security camera.

12/21/2015 6:04:11 PM

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