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Dr. Chen Charlie engaged in management work for more than 20 years, as a qualified CPA, he had accumulated investment project experience since 1980, he is experience in trade and projects management, he once lived in US and the work, and in 1983 he returns to Hong Kong for development, During 1989, he take up studies at Beijing University for China economics and trade diploma curriculum and sets up the alumni association, During1990 ,he was engaged in the trade business. After 97 years, he engaged in management consultant work, He was appointed as several multinational companies as China chief representatives, he process many multi- skills, renowned as an “investment opportunity murderer", He had good commercial master image and reputation. Dr. Chen Charlie is also a science and technology entrepreneur, he process the strength in carrying out modern enterprise management, he utilizes high tech to carry on the transformation to the enterprise, enhances mid- and small-scale enterprise product technology and the attachment value. He had been appointed as President of Hong Kong SME Development Association, he received many domestic and foreign commendations, and with the society's widespread praise, his moral character receives people's commendation, he had own the title of “ business outstanding expert 〞 For several years, he had taught the related market economy and the business management subject and publicizes related paper in publication magazine. Recently, he devoted his time and effort with the finance of SME Companies.

Dr Charlie Chan
(President of the following )
H.K.SME Development Association
World Association for SME ( Greater China Branch )
Asia Pacific Association for SME
Greater China finance professionals Agents Association
China-HK Business Development Association
Greater China retail and wholesales Association
Greater China Internationalization Association
World Association for Protection for SME General Union
Asia Pacific SME Union General



10/10/2006 7:56:15 PM

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