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George Palaganas shared his photo.
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Today's featured PEARL Celebrant is Adelia Casas. She graduated as one of the HONORABLE MENTIONS.
She is an SRCS 1986 CAT-1 unit First Lieutenant with the designation of Platoon Leader - Bravo Company's First Platoon.
She hails from Gerona, Tarlac.
What can you say about Pearl Celebrant Adelia? Get the post to be liked by you and put your comments below
to qualify for PEARL Celebration prizes. Your entries will be raffled at the end of the year(2016)!

George Palaganas What else is new...? I remember Adelia as the Best Actress Awardee for her role as the girlfriend outrunned to a wedding for the same man by her sister in The Bastards(sibling rivalry at its worst moments)! The best thespian in class and one of the best writers too!
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George Palaganas
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Missing Facebook Posts for August 17 on the following year;   2015(1 year ago) and 2012(4 years ago).
Posts on this mentioned day must be matrixed with the Timeline/Timelines UNFAVORABLE with my current Timeline.
CURRENT Timeline Threads for “ON THIS DAY” POSTS  August 17 are  the  years   2014, 2013,2011,2010  and 2009 ONLY !


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George Palaganas
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George Palaganas
George Palaganas Hi Valerie! I received three calls from a certain Valerie connected with Zillow giving her number as 9493981647 I just want to know if it's you.
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The latest from george c palaganas (@georgepalaganas). Assistant Electrical Engineer, Telemarketer, Scrap Expert, BEAM Incorporator, ex-seminarian, novelist, poet, coelecanth-equipped(stilleto), teacher, caregiver. Quezon City
George Palaganas
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Valerie of ZILLOW
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I just want to check-out if it was youwho called up 3 times. I can not get into a phone conversation yet right now because our softphone system is down.Send fax to 206-339-2624 or e-mail georgecaingletpalaganasphd@aol.com Regards
George Palaganas
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The latest from george c palaganas (@georgepalaganas). Assistant Electrical Engineer, Telemarketer, Scrap Expert, BEAM Incorporator, ex-seminarian, novelist, poet, coelecanth-equipped(stilleto), teacher, caregiver. Quezon City
George Palaganas
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Wed, Aug 17, 2011

I am new at FOURSQUARE. It's where I am following, right now, THE WHITEHOUSE https://foursquare.com/georgepalaganas


The Re-electionist US President Barack Obama http://www.facebook.com/media/set/…


Presidential Hopeful Michelle Bachman http://www.facebook.com/home.php…


Following the President's Campaign Trail around the countryside... Second Stop is Decorah, IOWA... ZIP CODE 52101 County: Winneshiek 8,172 at the 2000 census http://www.facebook.com/media/set/…

George Palaganas
George Palaganas Population of Decorah is 8,172 at the 2000 census . :-)
George Palaganas
George Palaganas After his first stop at CANNONFalls, MN ZIPCODE:55009 COUNTY/COUNTIES:GOODHUE/DAKOTA Population:7,832(year2000 CENSUS) on his kick-off tour, President OBAMA's second leg is DECORAH,IOWA Here's a blog on his first leg.... President Obama: Our Biggest Challenge Right Now Is Putting People to Work
Posted by Colleen Curtis on August 15, 2011 at 06:15 PM EDT
Play/pauseMute/unmuteRewind and stop
Read the Transcript | Download Video: mp4 (582MB) | mp3 (56MB) .During the first stop on his rural road trip, President Obama took questions on topics ranging from using renewable energy to create jobs and helping young farmers buy land and market their products effectively to the future of Social Security and his Administration’s plans to bolster education.

Speaking with a crowd of 500 people at Hannah’s Bend Park in Cannon Falls, MN, the President discussed the “extraordinary challenges” our nation has faced over the last two and a half years, but extolled the “extraordinary hope that America represents” around the world, and reiterated his belief that there is “nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed; what’s broken is our politics.”

Many of the questions focused on health care, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, and the President stressed his commitment to making sure we preserve the integrity of these programs while ensuring they are still in place for future generations:

“The key -- and I want everybody to pay attention to this as the debate unfolds over the next couple of months -- the key is not to try to cut more out of programs for poor folks or programs for seniors. The key right now is to get a long-term plan for fiscal stability. And in the short term, we should actually make more investments that would put people to work and get the economy moving. And if you combine those two things, we can actually solve this problem and grow the economy at the same time.

Now, what some of the folks on the other side are proposing is actually to turn Medicare into a voucher program. So instead of fixing the system, they’d just completely overhaul it. And what would happen would be, is you’d get a voucher that says, you’re allowed to get X amount -- spend X amount on health care, and if your health care costs keep on going above that, you’re out of luck. And it was estimated that under their plan the average senior would pay about $6,000 more per year for their Medicare when it kicked in. I think that’s a bad idea. I think there are better ways for us to manage the Medicare problem than to put a burden on seniors.”

President Barack Obama addresses a town hall at Lower Hannah’s Bend Park in Cannon Falls, Minn., at the beginning of the three-day Economic Bus Tour in the Midwest, Aug. 15, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
.The President once again called on Congress to put people back to work rebuilding America. “What is needed is action on the part of Congress, a willingness to put the partisan games aside and say, we’re going to do what’s right for the country, not what we think is going to score some political points for the next election.”
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Check out videos and highlights of all of the events from the Economic Rural Tour:

Monday August 15, 2011:

Townhall in Cannon Falls, MN

Townhall in Decorah, IA

Tuesday August 16, 2011:

White House Rural Economic Forum in Peosta, IA

Wednesday August 17, 2011:

Townhall in Atkinson, IL

Townhall in Alpha, IL

P.S. - On Tuesday, President Obama gave a few words in his closing remarks on how his bus trip through rural America reminded him of why he wanted to get into public service in the first place:

Sometimes there are days in Washington that will drive you crazy. But getting out of Washington and meeting all of you, and seeing how hard you're working, how creative you are, how resourceful you are, how determined you are, that just makes me that much more determined to serve you as best I can as President of the United States.
George Palaganas
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Oregon representative Ben Cannon is RESIGNING. Here(below) is his latest e-mail in his decision in favor of becoming the Education Policy Advisor for Governor Kitzhaber.

George Palaganas
George Palaganas My Resignation and Next StepsWednesday, August 17, 2011 4:03 AMFrom: "Representative Ben Cannon" <rep.bencannon@state.or.us>View contact detailsTo: drgeorgecaingletpalaganas@yahoo.com

Hello Friends,

Effective September 1, I will resign my seat in the Oregon House of Representatives in order to become Education Policy Advisor to Governor John Kitzhaber.

This has been an incredibly difficult decision. Today, I feel a bittersweet mix of sadness for what I’m leaving behind and excitement for what the future holds in store.

Serving Oregon as a State Representative has been the greatest honor of my life. I have relished virtually every aspect of the job: helping constituents, learning from scratch about a huge range of issues, working policy bills through the Legislature, talking with voters and constituents. And the thousands of expressions of support that I have received over the past five years have rewarded me far beyond what I deserve for this work.

Before anything else, I am a teacher and a father. When I ran for the Legislature in 2006, it was because I hoped to help turn the tide on an education system that was strained to the breaking point. The unfortunate reality is that those strains are even greater today. But with his achievements in the first six months of this year, I believe Governor Kitzhaber has helped create a rare window of opportunity for turning the tide. His efforts to establish an integrated 0-20 governance system, invest resources with an eye towards outcomes, and empower educators to respond creatively and flexibly to student needs represent our best chance to change the dynamic around public education in Oregon. As his Education Policy Advisor, I will be in a position to help ensure that his initiatives are developed with wisdom

and implemented for success.

Success in these efforts will mean remembering lessons from my work as a teacher and a legislator. That there are no silver bullets for improving education. That buzzwords serve adults, not kids. That it’s much easier to change policies than actually to affect outcomes. That educators are usually the best sources of wisdom for what works in education. And that many determinants of educational outcomes exist far beyond the school walls.

I cannot imagine another job for which I would take this step. But I am convinced that to serve this Governor in this capacity at this moment in time represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a significant difference on issues that matter to our community more than any others.

Under Oregon law, the remainder of my term will be filled within 30 days by an appointee of the Multnomah County Commission from a list of nominees supplied by the Democratic Party. Regular primary and general elections will be held in 2012 for the next full term that begins in 2013. Between now and the time of my successor's appointment, my staff and I will work to ensure an orderly transition. We will do our best to wrap up or hand off projects that we have begun. Please don't hesitate to be in touch if you are concerned that yours will get lost.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know so many of you through this job. Thousands of you have contributed time and/or money to help elect and re-elect me to office. Many more have been in frequent touch to suggest legislation, share your perspective on issues, or provide information. I am humbled by the trust you have extended; I am grateful for the inspiration you have provided. I have worked hard to honor the responsibility you have given me. Above all, I am thankful to my longtime Legislative Aide, Christy Splitt, who has served my office and the people of District 46 with integrity, creativity, and tremendous dedication. She is a model public servant.

I continue to believe in the possibility of creating a genuine politics for the public interest, and as a private citizen I will support candidates and causes that carry this effort forward. My passion for issues related to the environment, health care, economic justice, and campaign finance reform have not diminished, even if the focus of my job will be narrower for now. I am encouraged by the knowledge that Oregon (and District 46 in particular!) is blessed with many others who have the talent, energy, and integrity to serve the public interest. I am confident that our new representative will serve us well. And I am honored to be able to continue in a position of public trust.

All best wishes,

State Representative Ben Cannon

900 Court Street NE

Salem, OR 97301




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Oregon State Legislature
Welcome to my legislative website! I am honored to serve the residents of District 46 and look forward to…
George Palaganas
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Birthday Today: 17-August (1.)Sean Penn-BY_1960 (2.)Chona De Sagun (3.)Robert De Niro-BY_1943 http://www.brainyhistory.com/daysbirth/birth_august_17.html

Today in History and Famous Birthdays. Find out what happened and who was born on this day in history. Events and birthdays for each day of the year.
Tue, Aug 17, 2010


From George Palaganas: Hi Jess! This was taken sometime in 1987 or 1988 at the house of Ramil Lambino's grandparents in Canan,Paniqui Tarlac Philippines(their house is next door on the same compound). I can barely recall, but it was an unexpected "holiday" I bel...ieve that lead the three of us, Joseph Dela Cruz, you(Jesus Tubay) and me(George C Palaganas) to the place of Ramil. It's freshmen years at Tarlac College of Technology(now Tarlac State University) and you must be staying at DD Gonzales at about this time(January's place) while I am staying at Art's Studios(before it became Pherly's Flower Shop opposite TCT Gymnasium). :-)

From Jes Tubay: This is awesome George - well honestly I don't remember this much really LOL (where was this taken?!)
Hi Joseph
Hi Ramil
How's life goin on guys?! Will be glad to hear from you all!
about an hour ago

George Palaganas
George Palaganas
George Palaganas NZ Fun Facts
FW: NZ fun facts

Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 01:25:08 +1300
From:"Jesus Tubay"
To:"cool dela "peña" manilascooltalk@yahoo.com

Just some NZ things for your info-laden mind…

So you’ve concentrated in writing now?? And as I see it, I think you’re enjoying it more than I can imagine. So what made you decide to pursue that career? It’s really been an interesting “variation” of personality from you. You continue to surprise me as well. Even your voice, it’s very much different now. I think it is- yeah. What do you fancy as of now? I am really amazed by your “web of mysteries” in there- just like a bolt from the blue- just like your le quant..?? (does it dicotomy??? I myself is a bit puzzled..) Anyway, what a turn-around Georgie (as what Dante Sumaoang usually call you before) you are now. (At least as far I have known you- or did I really??). I emailed your webpage to pare Dante Rivera so he can contact you as well. Will that be alright?? By the way, my landphone is 03-339-6077. I am usually at home around 2am to 2pm. But I’m usually fast asleep until around 11am. My shift is on twilight- from 3:20pm to 11:20pm. Do some 2-3 hrs OT everyday for 5 days. (oh my- electrician jobs here are very easy… at least for me..). Go out every Saturday. Play chess with Kiwis and other non-pakeha at the Cathedral Square. Our chessboard is on the ground- a square is at least 1.5ft on the sides. The chess pieces are very big that you cant lift and move them with just one hand. They are quite heavy and holding them with two hands makes your life easier. To give you an idea- the pawns are slightly above knee height. The towering kings are approximately up to my navel. Or higher. And munching my souvlaki (a Greek food) while watching a game.. There are public performers at the square as well that after each performance or play they do- they ask for “donation” if you enjoyed their antiques. If you’re bored, you should still give because according to the performer, there’s no point in going home with both of you disappointed(!!).

Right- so that’s it for now, my friend.. I hope I you will visit me one time here.. Keep in touch..

JES (they pronounce my name as “JIS” and spell it with just one S. Funny, exclusively Kiwi accent)
posted by Sioe Lufdigh at 4:41 AM
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Is Kodak From Down Under?

From: cool dela peña manilascooltalk@yahoo.com

To: Jesus Tubay ; drivera_gysi-pompes@pldtdsl.net
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 10:09 PM
Subject: RE: FW: Kodak from DownUnder

Wednesday October 19, 2005

Hi Jess! Greetings of peace and joy! Aren't you going to greet me too on my birthday? I am exactly 37 years old today! Life is so fast we can't miss what we're soakin'. I appreciate the two pictures you sent below. I was almost crying for I got an exact semile. Regarding Cindy's pictures, I can't remember any except the one on the lobby with four us, you, Dante Sumaoang, Nilo Flores and I. The four of us are on an old Cindy's orange uniform with the three of you ,visor cap on, while I got my head gear on my hand. The backdrop was a modern art blown up picture of blue and red paint with two giant brushes and the huge picture was neatly framed on the wall.

I have plenty of pictures spread all over the net. Obsession is a perfume and it's weird I have also rented a car in Oslo. Calgary reports me on a bad AVIS car wreck and whoever reported that, dapat ihulog sa mga bangin don. Maybe because directly from the plane, I went straight to Richmond Hospital in Richmond,British Columbia. And I took my Westjet flight from Calgary under a government program called Project Isabela . Obviously it's from that notion where they base those rumors. LOL.

Jess, I am sending you some postcards on regular mail so where can I drop my mails now? You can write regular mails to me at 846 Aurora Boulevard, Kaunlaran 1109 Cubao, Quezon City. You must be amazed. The last time we have seen each other is at the Metrostar train station last year. As what I told you, I am just living around the corner. And it's sad we have very little time to talk.

Alright, so keep on writing to me and I'll be keeping in touch with you. Iggy has still to respond to my e-mails. Has he sent you already any?

It's me,
George C. Palaganas
posted by Sioe Lufdigh at 5:20 AM
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Point and Click!


Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 21:37:52 +1300
From: "Jesus Tubay" <Jesus.Tubay@generalcable.co.nz>
To: "cool dela "peña"

Jesus Tubay wrote:
Seen heaps of your pictures in your webpages. Is that self-obsession? Or say self-_expression? Well, there’s nothing like having the full freedom to do what you want yourself to do- ain’t it?

I still have our pictures while we were still workin at Cindys. But I left them in the Philippines. I’ll be requesting my wife to scan it and email them to me.

Here are some of my pictures. Not as “dead serious” as your poses are. Just some simple look at the camera.

At work. In the office.

In my room at the house where I live.

I terribly miss home. It’s good you exerted the effort to contact me. After work, I’ve got nothing to do anymore. But even if I’m at work, I still can find time to open my emails regularly.

posted by Sioe Lufdigh at 5:15 AM
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Reminiscing 2
From: cool dela "peña [mailto:manilascooltalk@yahoo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, 19 October 2005 2:39 a.m.

To: Jesus Tubay Jesus.Tubay@generalcable.co.nz

Tuesday October 18, 2005 21:20pm Manila

Hi Jess! It's nice to hear from you again. I am glad to hear another "howdi" from you. Hmmm... Regarding that song.... Seals and Crofts "You've got a friend", yah! I think we have gone into fiddling that in one of our guitar jamming sessions in the boarding rooms we had back in college, January's place I believe. Send in the Clowns by Frank Sinatra is one of my favorites alright, but it was my Auntie Shirley who can send you spine tingling sensations if you hear her sing it. Her contemporaries will always exclaim, "Uy! Si Shirley!" But with my "old voice", ngek! LOL.
Actually, what I can render on the guitar is a poor version of Debbie Gibson's No More Rhymes. No more, no less. Ngek!

posted by Sioe Lufdigh at 5:13 AM
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Response to Of Winters and Springs
Subject: RE: FW: Of Winters and Springs
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 16:58:46 +1300

From: "Jesus Tubay" <Jesus.Tubay@generalcable.co.nz>
To: "cool dela "peña" <manilascooltalk@yahoo.com>

Jesus Tubay wrote:
How’dy buddy!?

“Winter, spring, summer or fall..
All you’ve got to do is call..”

Still remember that song? We’ve used to play on the guitar- and you frequently play “Send in the Clowns?”.

Yea, there are lots of contrasts in the world. It’s pretty hot in one place, cool and humid in another. Just like people. Each has its own peculiar characteristics that makes him different from all the rest. And I just love this place. Not much snow though. And not much searing sun. Just a good balance in between.

I ride to work. I have my 49cc scooter. Handy and economical. I’ll still be buying my car in December. I’ll have enough money by then. For now, I’m stuck in this little wee bike.

I can get my family anytime now but my problem is the house. I don’t want to be renting with them bec that would spell trouble for me. I’ll try to produce the house first, then get them, then apply for permanent residency. I can apply residency now but I don’t want them be left behind. I hope I can produce that enough money to secure a house for them so then it would not be that difficult to live here.

Right now, they’re enjoying the good exchange rate for the money I’m sending them. It’s far better than what I’ve been getting while I was still there in the Philippines. I can make the 2months salary I am receiving there in the Philippines as a pressured supervisor (6days work) to just a week’s pay (5days work) as an electrician here. That’s what I’m trying to tell myself when homesickness gulp me up. It’s worth the sacrifice. It’s hard but it’s harder to live on just break-even. As we say it- isang kahig, isang tuka. No more, no less. I want better than that. I surely want to have my own car (which I can never produce in the Philippines even though we, couple are working together). That’s just very difficult to do. Unless- out of the blue- somebody gives us what we want. Or I can find a P10M check with my name written on it- which is ridiculously impossible! So here I am. Trying to make up for the “lost time” I did. And I’m enjoying it.

There’s more to life though other than money. It’s the satisfaction and joy behind life’s imperfections. I try to be balanced every time all the time.

The numbers are 0064-3-3396077 for my landphone and 0064-21-079-2039 for my mobile.

So till next my friend..
posted by Sioe Lufdigh at 5:08 AM
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Of Winters and Springs
From: cool dela "peña [mailto:manilascooltalk@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, 18 October 2005 9:27 a.m.

To: Jesus Tubay http://us.f424.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose...
Subject: RE: FW: Of Winters and Springs

Tuesday October 18, 2005

Hi Jess! How was your day? I know it's almost spring time in NZ and it's the time when the snow melts and the greens reappears. I know how it is to stay in a cold country Jess, for I have been into one(Canada) myself. But your season right now is the opposite of what they have there for it is fall time in the North American West. You should be glad since the problem of driving in snow will soon be over. Goodbye to snow tires and you can go on jogging and strolling again. The problem with snow is when it rains after the ice. That's the time you get a 'slush' on the road and it's too slippery to walk. Do you drive on your way to work, Jess, or you just commute? Have you been into some skiing or skating (toboganning) around? For these are just the outdoor things you can do during winter. How about shovelling snows in your carport and driveway? Are you experiencing them too. When I was in Canada , I fight off winter chills and winter depression by taking plenty of chocolates. And of course, use the home computer to reserve books in the Main library(VPL) and wait for the phone to ring saying the books are now ready for pick-up in the branch(Marpole) which is just a couple of blocks from the corner. And gobble up the books within the day while baking rotini(pasta) and pizza on the self-clean oven. Well, there goes the winter routine. And once in while go to skating rinks, where they have skates available for rent and also watch the latest Roger's Cable can offer. You see, very rarely people stay outdoors during winter. And Winter Solstice can be very uncomfortable since daytime are shorter than during regular season. So, that is, it is nighttime before four p.m. You just go out only to do the groceries and nothing else. It's the time when most of the residents in the area where I have been leave there homes and go on long holidays. They head for the "hotter" vacation spots like Florida, Cancun or Europe. But definitely I had a lot of fun on summer. Endless picnics, beach frolicking in Kitsilano and Jericho and Wreck Beach, bicycling in the whole of Van from Marpole to Downtown taking the Arbutus route and stay in Stanley Park the whole day. Trainspotting at English Bay, stroll in Robson and watch beautiful faces....it's like you died and went to heaven. British Columbia is indeed beautiful and you'll say there is nowhere in the planet I would want to stay but here.

How about your family Jess? Noemi and your kids? When are you going to 'get' them there? Does NZ have an immigrant program for their foreign workers?

Until then and God bless.

It's me,
posted by Sioe Lufdigh at 5:04 AM
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Inverse Solstice
Subject: RE: FW: Hello World
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 17:31:42 +1300

From: "Jesus Tubay" <Jesus.Tubay@generalcable.co.nz>
To: "cool dela "peña" <manilascooltalk@yahoo.com>

Jesus Tubay wrote:
Well, I might have lost track of it anyway but yeah, I think we often call you Georgie then. I never expected to come to New Zealand. In fact, my first choice was Canada, second was USA (or vice versa?!), next was Australia and then UK. But how did I end up here? I honestly don’t know. Things had just happened so fast that all of a sudden my environment changed and then all I can say to myself is- “It’s good to dream- and work it out.” It’s good to wake up to a very fresh, cold air and enjoy the sun. Most houses have glass walls and sunrooms. Since the whole house floor is almost carpeted, I can just sit or lay down by the wall of my room and taste the sunshine as I ponder the day’s wonders (and what the heck am I doing here!!?!?!).

Know what- New Zealand is pare Dante’s first choice and he told me that he almost migrated before we met again after 10years?! And I’m throwing that back to him as a challenge. He first became interested here and now, he’s still there and I’m already here. Ironically funny?!

Kiwi’s are not that good in chess though. There are Chinese guys who are very good at it. It’s just one of the many recreational activities they have in here.

It’s spring time here and gettin hotter now. But it’s not as hot as in the Philippines though. We can still bathe comfortably in the sun though it’s already 12noon. And long days are here as well. There is still sunshine until 8pm. It’ll just begin to darken around 20 past 8. They’re telling me it’ll even be longer days in summer (which is by December to February) when the sun shines until 11pm.

By the way, if you really wanted to call me, I think you should make it around 8am Manila time. It will be about 1pm here. I’ll be relaxin and gettin ready for work by then.

Alright my friend, til next..

posted by Sioe Lufdigh at 5:02 AM
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Response To Hello World
From: cool dela "peña [mailto:manilascooltalk@yahoo.com]
Sent: Saturday, 15 October 2005 3:29 a.m.

To: jesstubay@yahoo.com; Jesus Tubay; drivera_gysi-pompes@pldtdsl.net
Subject: Re: FW: Hello World

Friday October 14, 2005

Hi, Jess! I am glad you have leisure times on the chesspark in your area for that's a great thing to do. I know how you are very fond of chess and I can still recall how you and Iggy beat everyone to the hilt on that game. It's like playing crib and you end-up as skunk, that's what everyone feels everytime they play the game with the two of you. That area of your's is similar to Granville Island's in Vancouver where the show is mostly Asian revelry. If you will click the hypertext you will see that they have pictures but it wasn't the same as the Granville Island in the British Columbia that I have been. And the boats are not also on that area but they are all clustered in the Kerrisdale area of the Hudson River.Well, there are too many discrepancies like from below, Granville Bridge looks very much different.There is another area near Main Street in Vancouver called Chinatown where similar asian events take place but when I was there it's their version of Tin Pan Alley called ROBSON St. is what I love the most and it's where I hang around most of the time. It's close to cinemas, and their public library.(Click Hypertext for pictures)It's also close to Stanley Park.

I am planning to return there as an immigrant in a few years time. I am puzzled by the numbers you gave. (See attached e-mails) Is it (0064)021-079-2039 or 03-339-6077 ?
Keep in touch!

George P.
posted by Sioe Lufdigh at 4:59 AM
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Cliches and Other Stories
cool dela peña wrote:

Friday October 14, 2005

It's a good thing you have everything in place and the life you are living now is great as you deserve it. And I know too that you miss your family here in the Philippines a lot. I'll give you a ring anyday now so expect it my friend....reverse charge ha? Ngek! I am just kidding. Anyway Iggy(Dante Rivera) send me an e-mail too. Georgie was never blurted by Dante Sumaoang before, but it's you who oftentimes call me that then.NGEK! Sumaoang calls me Budsky! Your group(Rivera, Sumaoang, Tubay, Bumagat,etc.) is my second "cliche" in college after the "Waiting to Exhale" group of Joseph Dela Cruz, Harry Alimurong, Ramil Lambinoand I. And after your group was the veterans group of Francis Bunagan, Rafael Yumul, Regino Reña, John Aquino, etc. Yah, it's all now but reminiscing... reminiscing... okay see you around the information highway and until the next CHICKA!

It's me,

P.S. Here is Iggy's e-mail to me;

From:"Dante rivera"
Date:Fri, 14 Oct 2005 16:29:20 +0800

just want to say, must na? Mr Jess Tubay has just email to me you email address.

this is your classmate at TSU.

hope you still remember me.....

Dante Rivera
posted by Sioe Lufdigh at 4:57 AM
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Hello Buddy!!
Jesus Tubay wrote:
Hello buddy!! How are you?! This is a surprising thing from you! So you’ve changed you’re name??? Is that for real now? And your website is cool, man- just like your new name… Hmmmmnn.. So what are you doing right now?
? Are you married or still single or just decided to live alone??!

Pare Dante Rivera is trying his luck too. He’s been preparing his papers so he can come here hopefully sooner. I bet you are also in contact with him?

My wife and kids are still there in the Philippines. And it’s going terribly harder for me as each day passes by. I can get them now but I still have to provide a house for them. So that means saving, savingg, savinggg…

I’ll be preparing a litany of goodies of New Zealand so you can know what it is to be like here.

Til next my friend.. Keep in touch..

George Palaganas
George Palaganas
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Everything we have been able to accomplish in the last two years was possible because you have been willing to work for it and organize for it.
And every time we face a setback, or when progress doesn't happen as quickly as we would like, we know that you'll be right there with us, ready to fight another day.
So I want to thank you -- for everything.
I also hope you'll join me in taking a moment to remember that the freedoms and security we enjoy as Americans are protected by the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces. These patriots are willing to lay down their lives in our defense, and each of us owes them and their families a debt of gratitude.
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