20-October-2009 Tuesday 4:48am
Hi Yam!
I am really happy that you appreciate all my poems. I did nothing unusual yesterday my birthday, the usual stuff, you know... internet and everything regular activities. I did not even have a special "handa" yesterday. Alam mo na, like all the other birthdays I had, minsan lang akong nag-handa sa birthday ko, that was 19-October-1996 sa 7830 Granville St. Vancouver BC  courtesy of Tita Alor. Naghanda siya atsaka nag-invite ng mga Fil-Cans but then I went downtown that day after I did  the special palabok dish. Hindi ko na nga nadatnan at nighttime yung mga visitors and marami pang handa nung dumating ako from downtown.
How are you doing? I hope everything is running smoothly with you and your hubby and kid.
So until then, it's me GEORGE
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> Hi George,
> Thanks for sharing your poem. I like it. You're good! Sounds like that you're very inspired in writing poems and stories. Swerte naman nya.  hopefully you enjoyed your birthday. Anong ginawa mo if you don't mind? take care.
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Subject: back from vac
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    HI dear!
I'm back now from our tiring but enjoyable vacation. My son really had fun. Sorry to hear about your hospitalization. I hope everything's okay now and no relapse at all. Just take good care of your self always and watch your diet and exercise everyday. Those are the best thing you can do for yourself.
I'm sorry I can not even loan you money kasi I never have a bank accounton my own ,  my husband is the one holding our finances. Everything's audited. Kaya nga umuutang ako sa 'yo eh. It's so hard to explain but this is the dilemma of my life. We are living paycheck to paycheck here.  Maybe someday I'll share to you every detail of my life. (Baka pwede mong gawing novel mo). I might be calling you one of these days, kukwentahin ko utang mo sa kin! Bya for now!
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