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 Thursday, October 06, 2011


September and August 2011 Facebook Comments and Postings(Part 14)

  • On 30-Sep-2011, George Palaganas posted on his wall

    Christmas is almost here once again, here is the 4 year old poem/song A Christmas Carol from me...  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=282941671735788& set=a.282941475069141.81625.100000598726071&type=1&theater
    Cool Dela Peña's Collection of Poems
    By: Cool Dela Peña
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    From George Palaganas: The SONG Version is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yavh8BhrX1Q
    A Christmas Carol
    2 minute 12 seconds of an acapella original christmas song from Cool Dela Peña on Christmas 2007.
    16 hours ago · Like ·
    From George Palaganas: The Poem is also at http://www.originalpoetry.com/a-christmas-carol
    A Christmas Carol :: cooledelapenia :: Original Poetry :: Write. Learn. Share.
    A Christmas Carol by Cool Dela Peña a.k.a. George C. Palaganas A Christmas Carol on the trail Ride on the sl
    16 hours ago · Like ·
     · ·  · September 30 at 7:05pm
  • Ging Cruz Canlas and Chi-Chi Olonan-Garcia were added by George Palaganas.
     · ·  · September 30 at 7:26pm
  • That's all Folks! It's time for a new month "leaf" to unfold. Welcome October 2011!
     · ·  · September 30 at 7:06pm
  • On 29-Sep-2011 , George Palaganas wrote on his wall

    "If I will run for election on the 2016 Philippine National Elections as a SENATOR, are you going to VOTE for me? I will
    run under the battlecry "Dalhin si Inay Cool sa SENADO!" to double for Inay Sonia... I will use "scrap items" for
    funding my Congressional Vocation...  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippine_presidential_election,_2016
    Philippine presidential election, 2016 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The 2016 Philippine presidential election is the next presidential election, to be held in May 9, 2016. President Benigno Aquino III will not be eligible to run for a second successive term during this election since he is term-limited.
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    From George Palaganas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ATwFqWyawc A Prelude
    Charter Change
    2 min 19 sec of Cool Dela Peña a.k.a. George Palaganas rhetorics on Philippine Charter Change
    17 hours ago · Like ·
    From George Palaganas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFjP-OJ7Bh4&feature=related The WonderGirls with Niemanden(Nobody)...
    Wonder Girls - Nobody performance
    Wonder Girls' Nobody performance on Mnet M Countdown
    17 hours ago · Like ·
    The 2016 Philippine presidential election is the next presidential election, to be held in May 9, 2016. President Benigno Aquino III will not be eligible to run for a second successive term during this election since he is term-limited.
     · ·  ·  · September 29 at 8:59pm
  • A Re-Post From Ging Cruz Canlas(aka Ma.Loreto H. Cruz) to My Wall:
    Hiya George! Click here to help Ging tour the world!
    Ging wants to win it big in Cafe World... Shoot! Go to Cafe World and win it big yourself!
    Like · · Claim reward · 17 hours ago via Café World

    Ging Cruz Canlas(aka Ma.Loreto H. Cruz) is at http://www.facebook.com/ging.canlas
     · ·  · September 28 at 11:43pm
  • On 29-September-2011 
    From George Palaganas posted to Alissa Keny-Guyer's Wall;

    Congratulations once again!
    Like · · See Friendship · 20 minutes ago · Privacy:
    Re: Rep. Ben's Official Letter Announcing You as His Replacement
    Thursday, September 29, 2011 2:35 PM
    "Dr George Cainglet Palaganas" <drgeorgecaingletpalaganas@yahoo.com>
    View contact details
    "Alissa Keny-Guyer" <Alissa@alissakenyguyer.com>

    Rep.Alissa Keny-Guyer
    Oregon's District 46 |
    PO Box 33822 |
    Portland | OR | 97292-3822
    e-mail: alissa@alissakenyguyer.com

    Dear Honorable Keny-Guyer:

    Yes, please! It will be a great pleasure to be added to your e-mail list and be posted with the latest updates from your office. Thank you also for that facebook connections, where I have added you to US Financial Network Group and US Actors, Artists and Celebrities Group. God bless and more power!


    George C. Palaganas, Ph.D.

    --- On Thu, 9/29/11, Alissa Keny-Guyer <Alissa@alissakenyguyer.com> wrote:

    From: Alissa Keny-Guyer <Alissa@alissakenyguyer.com>
    Subject: Re: Rep. Ben's Official Letter Announcing You as His Replacement
    To: "Dr George Cainglet Palaganas" <drgeorgecaingletpalaganas@yahoo.com>
    Date: Thursday, September 29, 2011, 3:17 AM

    Thank you for your note, I will strive to continue Ben Cannon's excellent leadership. 

    Do you wish to be added to my email list?


    On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 1:25 AM, Dr George Cainglet Palaganas <drgeorgecaingletpalaganas@yahoo.com> wrote:


    Rep.Alissa Keny-Guyer
    Oregon's District 46 |
    PO Box 33822 |
    Portland | OR | 97292-3822
    e-mail: alissa@alissakenyguyer.com

    Dear Honorable Keny-Guyer:

    Greetings and Congratulations! Rep. Ben Cannon announced you on his e-mail as his replacement for the Oregon's District 46 as a representative. I hope you can keep a job well-done similar to his accomplishments in the past. He was a good proponent for American education development all these years. Again, congratulations!


    George C. Palaganas, Ph.D.

    --- On Wed, 9/28/11, Ben Cannon <ben@votebencannon.com> wrote:

    From: Ben Cannon <ben@votebencannon.com>
    Subject: Announcing my replacement
    To: drgeorgecaingletpalaganas@yahoo.com
    Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2011, 12:32 PM

    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here
    Generic Header

    Dear George, 

    Earlier today, the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners selected Alissa Keny-Guyer to fill out the remainder of my term as State Representative from Oregon's House District 46.

    I couldn't be more pleased. Alissa has been a tenacious and effective advocate on a range of issues, including health care and early education. Her diverse resume includes helping steer flood recovery efforts in Vernonia and serving on the boards of the Northwest Health Foundation and the Multnomah County Commission on Children and Families. She has lived and worked internationally; she has volunteered in her children's schools; she has cultivated political leaders from among under-represented parts of our community. Alissa's work has been wide-ranging, but it all reflects her steadfast commitment to justice, to equality, and to empowering others.

    I worked with hundreds of paid lobbyists in Salem. Few were as effective as Alissa was as a volunteer. 

    Notwithstanding Alissa's considerable intellect, compassion, and conviction, I believe her success as a legislator will depend to a large extent on you. The wisdom of many is greater than the wisdom of one. Political courage does not exist in a vacuum. I hope that you will join her email list by writing to alissa@alissakenyguyer.com. Introduce yourself. Ask a question or two. Let her know your hopes for Oregon. Let her know you care.

    In your hands -- and in Alissa's -- House District 46 remains very well-served.

    With gratitude,

    1000 Twenties 

    Ben Cannon


    Forward email

    This email was sent to drgeorgecaingletpalaganas@yahoo.com by ben@votebencannon.com | 
    Update Profile/Email Address | Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe™ | Privacy Policy.
    Ben Cannon for Oregon's District 46 | PO Box 33822 | Portland | OR | 97292-3822
     · ·  · September 28 at 11:41pm
  • All Comments and POSTS for AUGUST 2011 are at http://www.facebook.com/groups/190388827694919/
     · ·  · September 28 at 4:27am
  • On 28-Sep-2011 Wed NGF Re-SET George Palaganas made a comment at Yahoo! on the following news items;

    George Palaganas
    Face it! Palestine already at one time belongs to the group &quot;smallest states in the world&quot;, in the league of Vatican City, Hong Kong and Godat Republic(that restless border between India and Pakistan). There is no way but for Israel... http://y.ahoo.it/6tEPAH3R
    Obama popularity in Israel surges after U.N. speech: poll
    JERUSALEM (Reuters) - President Barack Obama's popularity has risen sharply in Israel after he spoke out forcibly against a Palestinian statehood bid at the United Nations last week, according to a poll published by the Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.
    Source: Yahoo! News
    Like · · Respond · 14 minutes ago via Yahoo!

    George Palaganas
    Kosovo has been in Miss Universe for several years now(since 2008), and it(Kosovo) has the same plight as Palistine(size and unrestlessness derived from neighbors as a melting pot area). That's why if you see Miss Kosovo standing on equal footing with Miss Ukraine, that's the moment you know it's already an independent state. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2162998200983&set=a.2121479363038.2113162.1427450153&type=1&theater
    Business Business 3
    By: George Palaganas
    2 minutes ago · Like · 
    Write a comment...

    George Palaganas
    28-Sep-2011 Wed NGF Re-SET The story of Dr.Frankenstein has been told and re-told by so many writers in their own version but Mary Shelly&#39;s the most famous of all and who knows one day can be proven unprecedentedly... http://y.ahoo.it/Zdqb61HN
    Scientist: Sky confirms "shining moon" behind Frankenstein
    SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) - A Texas astronomer has used science to confirm one of the most famous tales in western literature, the "bright and shining moon" over Lake Geneva that inspired an 18-year-old Mary Shelley to write "Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus."
    Source: Yahoo! News
    Like · · Respond · 28 minutes ago via Yahoo!
     · ·  ·  · September 28 at 4:14am



10/10/2011 12:47:01 AM

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