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 can you please let me know what account is overdue. 

William Wicks.

6/1/2020 4:40:50 AM

The account is your CameraFTP account which you just logged on to.  I believe you are asking why your account has a negative cash balance.  

You had a first subscription, which was past due. Recently you ordered a second subscription. Please note ordering a new subscription is not the same as making a payment. The money is directly used by the new subscription. Thus your account still has a negative cash balance. 

But your monthly billing date is different from your second order date. (Billing date is the day of the month when you signed up for a free account). Combining your account cash balance and service coupon balance, you don't need to make a payment until your next billing date.

6/1/2020 9:33:57 AM

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