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Does DriveHQ support the webdav required to publish calendars to my website?

5/1/2007 8:25:17 PM

I am not very clear about the question. But it seems not.

We had some other users asking if they can publish Free/Busy Info to our FTP server, so a group of people can share their Free/Busy Info and Schedules in Outlook. Unfortunately, it seems MS Outlook doesn't support Passive FTP, and Activate FTP is usually blocked by firewalls on user's side. So an alternative is using FileManager's folder synchronization feature. You can synchronize a local folder with a Group Shared Folder. Thus, you can simply Publish your Free/Busy Info to a local folder; FileManager will sync it to the Shared folder on Server. If the group of people do the same, then they can share the Free/Busy Info using our service. By default, FileManager creates a Group Shared folder with full-access right, and each group member has a synchronized folder to a subfolder of the shared folder.

5/2/2007 5:22:09 PM

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