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I have an application that is configured to send files to DriveHQ using FTP. I can login and see the folder I've created, and I can see the subfolders created by the application. It has created one for each day that the service has been running, so I know the application is making a good connection via FTP. However, I can't see any files in the subfolders. Since the subfolders were created by the application, I would expect to see the files. Any ideas?


9/26/2009 7:20:55 AM

If the application actually uploaded files to your FTP account, you would be able to see them when you logon www.drivehq.com.

In your case, I guess the files failed to upload. Since we are not familar with your 3rd party application, we are not sure what the cause is. Please double check if the application is working fine. A possible cause of the problem is the 3rd party software uses Active FTP. Active FTP is almost always blocked by firewalls, routers, anti-virus software or security software. So please use Passive FTP. Using DriveHQ client software is recommended if you can.


9/28/2009 12:02:54 AM

My files from different computers were being ftp'd fine until 16-Jan-12. Since then, not only will it not receive the files but it also won't let the 'test ftp' send the 'test letter' verifying proper setup. I haven't changed any of my settings after setting it up and it working properly for a week or so. Has anything changed on your software on or after the 16th? The program I'm using is Blazing Tools Keylogger to monitor my teen's usage of the computer.

1/18/2012 6:58:17 AM

Please review our FTP guidelines:

1. The FTP connection frequency must be no greater than 6 times per minute.
In some cases, the limit might be less.
2. The max logon times is 25 times per day. On top of this you get 100 FTP
logons when you open account which can be drained after you use your 25 on
any given day.
If you violate either of these restrictions, your IP may become blocked for two hours. If you continue to log on after this, your account may become disabled and you would need to contact us to have it re-enabled. 
With any paid subscription, there is no restriction on max # of logons.
However, the connection frequency must still be kept to 10 times per minute or lower. You can use our proftp.drivehq.com server which is reserved for paying members. 

1/18/2012 9:28:17 AM

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