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 Hello, can you please explain how to switch an account from monthly billing to annual billing?  When I click "Change" under Manage Subscriptions the only option is to cancel the subscription.  Please describe the best procedure to change to an annual plan.  Thanks.

6/29/2020 1:24:31 PM

Subscription plans cannot be changed directly. You will need to order a new annual plan(s) and then cancel your old monthly plan(s). Your data is not associated with a plan, so changing a service plan will not affect your files. (Just make sure you have enough storage space and download bytes). 

Some users may have multiple monthly service plans; in this case, you need to do so for each monthly plan.

If you ordered an annual plan, please don't cancel it and order it again. You just need to make a payment of the annual amount. To find your annual service price, please log on to www.drivehq.com, go to My Account page, then click Transaction History -> View Order List. If you have multiple (active) orders, you need to add the total amount.

6/29/2020 4:47:17 PM

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