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When I set up a backup task using Drive HQ online backup 3.8 Quick Backup feature, it set it up beautifully and it all backed up efficiently.  It gave the backup task a name "backup0".  I subsequently created independent backups for other folders. They were named "backup1", "backup2" etc. I have just recently used Drive HQ online backup 3.8 "Edit" function to rename the backups to something more meaningful to me.  Is Drive HQ now re-creating data files on the server and using up my storage provision needlessly or is it clever enough to know that these are the same files as previously backe up?  Is this the right way for me to have gone about changing things? Should I start deleting duplicate folders on the server using File Manager perhaps?

12/16/2007 8:54:53 AM

You can change a backup task name using DriveHQ Online Backup. It will not upload files again.

12/16/2007 12:15:53 PM

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