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 I signed up for the free account to see if DriveHQ had what I needed.  I have a bunch of photos on a hosting site, but the site doesn't allow me to download my archive via FTP.  I can only send it via FTP to an FTP server.  I signed up for the free account here, added the DriveHQ account as an FTP recipient on the photo site, and attempted to send a folder containing about 40 images.  The photo site said it successfully sent all the files.  The folder showed up on DriveHQ, but only 1 image file was in it.  I deleted it and tried again.  This time the folder showed up with 3 images in it.  I tried using FTP and FTPS.  No difference.

Is this a limitation of the free account?  If I upgrade to a paid account will this problem go away?  Or is something else strange causing this failure?  This is what I need the account for, so I want to make sure it will work.


1/30/2021 1:57:44 AM

DriveHQ's FTP server supports standard FTP, SFTP and FTPS protocols. It works with all popular FTP client programs such as FileZilla, WinSCP, CureFTP, WsFTP, Fetch, etc. We have no other users reported any similar issues.

Based on your description, the problem seems to be caused by a bug in the other hosting site. You can verify it using any FTP client program such as FileZilla. You can upload many files/folders in one time. The other hosting company can also test it with FileZilla. It should be very easy for them to fix the bug since they were able to upload a few files successfully. 

Please note that the FTP/SFTP service is a business feature. In general, users need to order an enterprise plan. The SFTP feature is only available to paid members, and is only available on proftp.drivehq.com. The free FTP service has a lot of restrictions, but it does not restrict you initially. Whether your free FTP is limited, you can find it out with FileZilla. 



1/31/2021 12:56:15 AM

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