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 I have 3 Foscam cameras(FI09805W and 2 FI9900P) and i have  problem with those.Idon`t get any alarms from my cameras.

all settings should be correct.I use Cameraftp VSS to my pc.If i insert ftp setting to my cameras,then almost every uploaded video are corrupted or empty..MKV

What part i miss.?Please help

9/30/2016 1:08:47 PM

 Hi Heikkil, 

When you setup a camera on VSS, you have an option under the 'Motion Detection' tab which says 'Enable motion detection.' Please make sure that this is enabled. You just need to hover over the camera in question and click on the 'edit' icon.

At this point it looks like your cameras are uploading continuously which can cause service interruptions since the subscription you purchased is for motion only upload. If you have any other questions or issues, please email us at support@cameraftp.com


CameraFTP Support


3/1/2018 6:02:47 PM

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