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Hello there, 

We are facing 2 different types of issues. 

1. Footage is missing for one date, but duplicate footage is available for a same date.  Please see the screenshot below: 


We have missing footage for 11/02/2020. But we have got two date slots for same date of 11/04/2020. Footage is same for those two 11/04/2020.

2. We are getting footage timing ahead of original time. Please see the sceenshot below: 

The original time of the screenshot is the PC timing which is 9:35 PM BST 11/4/2020 but the footage time is ahead of the original time. 

Is there any idea for the reason behind this scenario? 

Thank you


11/5/2020 11:14:31 AM

We checked it and found out that it recorded the footage correctly. The problem seems to be related with a bug in the "Select Time/Video" page. However, we cannot replicate the problem on our end. Can you try it again? If you can still replicate it, I guess it might be caused by a time zone that we have not tested (or the time change from DST to standard time). Please tell us your time zone (and if there was a time change recently)

If you need to view your old footage, you can install CameraFTP Viewer for iOS, Android and Windows. Most likely it will be fine with our viewer apps. You can also open the camera folder and view the video files in the camera folder directly. To do so, please log on to www.cameraftp.com, go to My Cameras page, click the folder icon below your camera thumbnail. You can then navigate the subfolders and find your recorded footage.


11/6/2020 1:01:35 PM

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