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 Which of currently available cameras are compatible with the CameraFTP service?

10/15/2023 9:28:04 PM

In general, if an IP camera or NVR is NOT proprietary, i.e., if it is NOT locked in with the manufacturer's own cloud service, then it is most likely compatible with our service. There are several ways to use our service: 

(1) If you use an IP camera / NVR, you can configure it to upload footage to CameraFTP directly via FTP or SMTP. Please visit this page for a list of camera brands/models we tested. We created a lot of Setup Guide documents. Even if your camera brand/model is not in the list, please read one of the setup guide documents. The steps are usually similar.

(2) If the IP camera / NVR does not support FTP or SMTP, but if it supports RTSP / ONVIF, then you can use a PC running CameraFTP VSS software. VSS is a powerful Camera/Video Management Software. It can connect to your IP cameras or NVRs, display the live videos on your PC screen. It can also record videos or images to your local PC, and/or upload them to the cloud. VSS can save the cost of buying an NVR/DVR. It offers more features than a regular NVR.

(3) You can use a smartphone/tablet as an IP camera by installing CameraFTP Mobile Security Camera app (available for iOS and Android). You can also use a webcam as an IP camera by installing CameraFTP VSS software or Webcam Security Camera app. All CameraFTP camera apps support 2-way live video and audio viewing and calling from anywhere. They can work better than regular IP cameras / baby monitors.


12/28/2023 10:48:44 AM

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