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I used to have an option to choose the number of frames per second for the play back speed.  Now I only have a button that says "fast play".  That button doesn't do anything.  I can't click it, or check the box, or anything.  So I am stuck in slow motion when replaying video.  I have tried a different browser, so it's not the browser.  Did something change?

4/26/2015 11:00:26 AM

There are two different Fast-Forward technologies, one is for fast forwarding images, the other is for fast forwarding videos.

I guess you initially ordered our image-based surveillance service. CameraFTP Viewer can let you set different speeds when playing image snapshots.

Now you upload video clips, it uses a different fast-forward technology. When you enable fast forwarding, it will play one frame for each 1 minute of video. This feature is relatively new. If you still experience any problems, please contact CameraFTP support via email and tell us more detailed information

5/6/2015 11:59:45 AM

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